Weekly Therapy

For Whom

Our weekly therapy program is great for locals who are interested in effective, traditional couples therapy. To achieve the best results, we recommend meeting every week. However, sessions can be held bi-weekly or monthly.

Clinical research done by the Gottman Institute shows that consolidating sessions at the beginning of couples therapy is more effective than spacing sessions out over a longer period of time. Meeting regularly also prevents a common therapy pitfall, where sessions are used for simply airing grievances, rather than healing relationship wounds.

Our aim is to help create lasting changes in your relationship, where you will both be satisfied. This requires a commitment to the therapy process, which includes home assignments to be done with your partner in between sessions.

This program is suitable for couples who:

  • Need the weekly structure in order to feel like they are continuously working on the relationship
  • Are not eligible for an intensive program
  • Are looking to receive partial reimbursement from their health insurance provider to help cover the costs


Therapy rates per couple:

    • 60 minute daytime session: € 120
    • 60 minute evening/weekend session € 140 (evening starting from 5:00 pm onward)

    Longer sessions are also available
    Fees include 21% BTW.
    Payment for the initial session is to be made in cash at the end of the session. Ongoing sessions can be paid via bank transfer.


In order to avoid disappointments regarding insurance reimbursements, we recommend that all clients consult with their health insurance company before their first session.

Our services are often partially reimbursed by Dutch health insurance companies within a supplemental (‘aanvullende’) package under the category alternative medicine (‘alternatieve geneeswijzen’). You will need to ask your provider if they reimburse for integrative psychotherapy sessions (‘integratieve psychotherapie’*). 

Our practice, Yellow Wood, is registered with the RBCZ and the VIT.

The reference code needed for Dutch insurance coverage is AGB-code: 90-040878. 

*Please note, integrative psychotherapy is not to be confused with ‘eerstelijns psychologie’ which is covered within basic healthcare packages.

Cancellation Policy

For appointment changes or cancellations please give 48 hour notice. Otherwise, the full session fee will be charged.