Intensive Therapy


Intensive therapy is for couples who are looking for fast results. This accelerated program shrinks a twelve week course of traditional therapy down to three weeks.

The intensive program includes the following:

  • A 60-minute intake session (online or in-person)
  • Online assessment (The Gottman Relationship Checkup)
  • 12 hours of intensive in-person couples therapy (Over three consecutive Thursdays: Two, 2-hour sessions with a 1-hour lunch break in between)

After a thorough assessment of the current state of your relationship, you and your partner will participate in talk therapy, both individually and as a couple.

Together we will work towards helping you create a closer bond as you develop practical tools for navigating successfully through conflict and disagreements. When appropriate, video material and written exercises from the Hold Me Tight® program will also be utilized.

Intensive therapy covers these important concepts:

  • Identifying the negative cycle that causes the two of you to get stuck
  • Understanding what drives the negative cycle and how to repair it
  • Exploring what you and your partner’s emotional needs are
  • Recognizing fears or concerns you and your partner have within the relationship
  • Discovering how past family dynamics get in the way in the present
  • Collaborating as a team to find solutions, rather than blaming each other
  • Learning how to start a new way of interacting during times of conflict
  • Working towards strengthening your friendship with your partner
  • Developing mindfulness skills for stress reduction during arguments
  • Healing emotional injuries within the relationship


2021 Fees per couple:

  • 60 minute intake (online or in-person): € 130
  • Online Assessment $39 *
  • 12 hours of intensive in-person couples therapy € 1,980

All fees are subject to change once per calendar year.
Fees include 21% BTW.

*Paid separately


Intensive therapy always begins by completing a thorough assessment of the relationship. This helps us create a custom made treatment plan for the two of you, based on your unique relationship needs.

The screening process involves the following steps:

  1. First we will meet for a 60 minute intake session. (Fee: 130 Euros)
  2. If we feel that the three of us are a good fit, and your situation is suitable for an intensive program, we will confirm the intensive.
  3. You and your partner will receive the initial treatment consent forms.
  4. Upon return of the consent forms, you will each receive an invitation via email to complete the online Gottman Relationship Checkup, which is a research based assessment tool. (Separate fee: $39)
  5. Once the online assessment is completed, you will receive final confirmation for the intensive.

In the unlikely event that we determine that the intensive program is not in your best interest, you and your partner will receive advice on what to do next. Some options include weekly therapy with another therapist or seeing a different type of specialist.

Cancellation/Privacy Policies

Cancellation Policy

Once you have undergone the intake session and have been advised to go through the screening process you will receive the consent forms and the treatment agreement, which must be signed and returned in order to undergo the online assessment.

There is $39 fee required when registering for the Gottman Relationship Checkup. This fee is non-refundable should you decide not to participate in the intensive, cancel the intensive or in the unlikely event that the assessment reveals that you or your partner are not suitable for the intensive. It also serves as a reservation fee. By reserving an intensive you are being prioritized over normal client bookings.

Due to the extended time reserved for intensive programs, and the time involved in preparation, no refund will be made for any cancellations made within 72 hours prior to the scheduled intensive. No refund will be made for time not used if a session ends before its scheduled time.

We realize that sometimes in life there are emergency situations which could force you to cancel or postpone an intensive. In such circumstances, and based on the sole discretion of Debby Poort, consideration will be given for a one time opportunity to transfer your registration to a future intensive within 90 days of the originally scheduled intensive.

Privacy Policy 

For proper treatment it is legally required by WGBO that I, as your therapist, create a case file regarding your care. Your case file contains information about your treatment, including your health status, diagnosis, treatment plan, and the signed treatment agreement/informed consent forms.

Your case file also includes session notes, which are a necessary part of your treatment. In certain circumstances, and only after explicit signed consent by you, information from your general practitioner (Huisarts) or other (mental) health care professionals might be included in your case file.

I, as your therapist, do my best to protect your privacy. This means that I:

  • Carefully store your case file in a locked filing cabinet
  • Ensure that unauthorized people do not have access to your case file

As your therapist, I must legally maintain your confidentiality. Therefore, I am the only one with access to your complete case file.

The information in your case file might also be used under the following circumstances:

  • To request or inform other (mental) health care professionals of your mental health situation, for example if I need to consult with a colleague who is also working with your child or if I need to refer you to a different provider. This only happens under explicit signed consent by you.
  • For appointed colleagues during my possible absence, if this becomes necessary.
  • For anonymous review during peer supervision between colleagues, if necessary.
  • For financial administration, a few of your personal details from your case file are used, so that I and/or my bookkeeper can create invoices and declare taxes.

If for any other reason I need to use your personal details, I will always first ask you for explicit signed consent.

The information in your case file with be saved for 15 years, as required by law for all treatment agreements.


Insurance companies require that certain personal information is listed on the invoice in order to receive reimbursement of fees:

  • Your name and postal address
  • Your date of birth
  • The date of treatment
  • A short description of the treatment (‘behandeling psychotherapie’) and code 24500
  • The cost of the consult

You have a complaint. What now?

I do my utmost best to offer you help in a respectful and caring way. However, in some circumstances, you might not be completely satisfied with your treatment. It is important to first discuss with me any issues/complaints you might have. Sometimes there are misunderstandings between client and therapist. Once we speak about it, and you have expressed what you are unsatisfied with or what you otherwise expect from me, we can hopefully resolve the issue.

Are you unable or unwilling to speak with me personally about the issue or are we unable to resolve the issue? Then you can utilize the free complaint service offered by my professional organization: Vereniging van Integraal Therapeuten (VIT). The VIT will hear your issue and will provide you with support on how to formulate your complaint and will help you come up with a possible solution. Your complaint will be dealt with within 6 weeks.

Unsatisfied with the results from the VIT?

If you are unsatisfied with the results from the complaint service of the VIT, you then have the right to turn the complaint over to the disputes committee, Stichting Complementaire en Alternatieve Gezondheidszorg (SCAG). This committee serves as a neutral party and is specialized in the complimentary health care sector. The ruling that is made based on your complaint is definitive for both you and the therapist. In some cases, the committee will determine that there be financial compensation. The fee for registering a complaint with SCAG is € 52,50.

The fee is reimbursed if the ruling is in your favor. The disputes committee will make a ruling on your complaint within six months. For more information on how to file a complaint, go to: The complaint service from the VIT can also help you with this.

You may file a complaint based on issues regarding the treatment you receive(d) from your therapist. For example, the quality of the therapy or the way in which you were treated by the therapist. You can also file a complaint if your therapist made an incorrect assessment about you or if the treatment lead to damages to you or your property.