Fall Reflections, Relationship Changes

Fall Reflections, Relationship Changes

Fall has arrived! This means that all of the seasoned expats have returned from their summer getaways and many new ones are just settling in. The weather is changing and the kids are finally back in school. Now that we have resumed our regular routines, it seems like a perfect time to reflect and make some positive relationship changes. Furthermore, don’t you and your partner deserve to end the year closer than ever before?

Fall Promotional Offer

Our passion is helping couples realize how small changes can have a big impact. While most couples are able to make many changes on their own, many won’t do so simply because they lack the time or don’t know where to begin.

Let us help you discover how spending just two days together, without any daily distractions, can change the course of your relationship.

Register for a two day private retreat between 15 October and 12 December and receive 15% off.


Based on the Hold Me Tight® Program

The private retreat is based Hold Me Tight®. This is an evidence based, relationship enrichment program developed by Dr. Sue Johnson. Consequently, it is not couples therapy. However, it does utilize methods from Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) which is known to help most couples effectively make changes in their relationships. As a result, it is one of the leading forms of therapy currently available to couples.

The retreat focuses on helping you move out of a negative pattern of conflict and disengagement. The methods you will develop will teach you how to communicate differently and step out of recurring arguments. This greater awareness will help increase (or restore) intimacy, strengthen your relationship and therefore, create a deeper connection.

This retreat is intended for couples who are committed to strengthening their relationship and not currently in crisis. To learn whether this retreat is right for you and most of all, if you are eligible, we welcome you to book an online non-obligatory Skype introduction.