Couples Retreat


Our private couples retreat is specifically designed for expat and cross-cultural couples who are facing relationship challenges.

The two day retreat is based on the Hold Me Tight® couples enrichment program created by Dr. Sue Johnson. This workshop is typically held in groups, however we have adapted it for private couples. We also incorporate mindfulness skills for stress reduction and powerful interventions developed by Drs. Julie & John Gottman.

During the retreat, you and your partner will develop a deeper emotional connection through education, experiential exercises, and counseling.

You and your partner will learn how to:

  • Recognize patterns that lead to conflicts
  • Break out of cycles that cause pain, frustration, and loneliness
  • Make sense of your emotional needs and those of your partner
  • Deepen and enhance emotional and physical intimacy
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Practice basic mindfulness skills for reducing stress during arguments
  • Begin to heal relationship wounds and repair trust
  • Keep your love alive and thriving

For Whom

This retreat is suitable for couples who are committed to improving their relationship and are currently not in crisis.

If you are an expat or cross-cultural couple living abroad and you notice that the statements below describe your relationship, then this is the retreat for you!

  • You and your partner are struggling in your new environment
  • You love each other and are committed, but worry about the state of the relationship
  • Neither of you feel like you are getting your emotional needs met
  • One or both of you feel there is increasing emotional distance
  • You no longer spend time together like you used to
  • The two of you argue more frequently and get stuck in endless cycles
  • Your communication has broken down
  • One or both of you are overworked and over stressed


Fees per couple:

Two consecutive days:

  • Saturday and Sunday:  € 1,495
  • Friday and Saturday: € 1,375
  • Monday and Tuesday: € 1,249
  • Thursday and Friday: € 1,249

Two days, with a day off in between to explore Amsterdam:

  • Friday and Sunday: € 1,375
  • Saturday and Monday: € 1,375

Couples retreats include the following:

  • 20 minute free introductory Skype session
  • 12 hours of counseling divided over two days (two, 3 hr sessions per day with an hour lunch break in between)
  • Hold Me Tight® program is utilized
  • A take home package of tools and supplementary support materials

Fees include 21% BTW.
Payment is to be made in advance via bank transfer or PayPal (there is a 5% surcharge for payments made through PayPal).

Travel advice

Let us spoil you as we help create a weekend to remember! We include information about the following services:

  • Lodging in a luxurious B &B in a picturesque village within walking distance of our office
  • Recommendations regarding the many restaurants in the neighborhood
  • Spa appointments within walking distance of your accommodation
  • Bike rental & picnic lunches to be enjoyed in the nearby Amsterdam forest
  • Amsterdam itineraries
  • Visit the tulips at the famous Keukenhof (End of March through mid-May)

Cancellation Policy

Once you have undergone the 20 minute introductory Skype session you will receive an invoice and payment agreement, which must be signed and returned.

Payment for the retreat is due in full within 48 hours of receiving your invoice. By reserving a couples retreat you are being prioritized over normal client bookings. You will receive a confirmation of the booked dates upon payment.

Due to the extended time reserved for couples retreats no refund will be made for any cancellation within twelve full days of the scheduled retreat. No refund will be made for time not used if a session ends before its scheduled time.

For cancellations received 12 days or more prior to the start date of the retreat, you will be refunded all monies less a €125 administration fee.

We realize that sometimes in life there are emergency situations which could force you to cancel or postpone a retreat. In such circumstances, and based on the sole discretion of Debby Poort, consideration will be given for a one time opportunity to transfer your registration to a future retreat within 90 days of the originally scheduled retreat.

Payment plans are available on a case by case basis. Contact us to learn more details.